We believe in everyone’s right to equal opportunities and to follow one’s heart. That passion combined with creativity is all you need in order to start moving in the right direction.

Growing up, I have always been very close to my sister who is on the spectrum. Side by side, I’ve witnessed many people treat her differently, expecting less of her, if anything at all. This became the fuel for my motivation to create something that strives towards diversity and inclusion. Many people believe I am the one teaching her about life, but the truth is that she is showing me how to see the world from a whole new perspective.

I found it impossible to find the perfect swimwear, without at least having to sacrifice fit or comfort. One day in 2018, I decided to be a part of the change occurring in the fashion industry - on a mission to create swimwear that flatters different body types. One that leaves you feeling sexy and confident, while providing the comfort and support needed for countless summers. With no budget or education within fashion, and a lot of questions, I turned to Google typed "How do I start a swimwear label". It's been a bumpy road, but four years later I can finally see my concept and vision coming together: creating a brand that is bigger than just the products it sells.



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